Our Story

We are a team of friends and family on a mission to make gifting about the act of giving and not just about the gift. Our cheery giftwrap has created a movement. It makes people laugh, cry, laugh while crying, or laugh until they cry. It gives them the ability to empower others, to become an instant superhero, or to simply share messages of love. Fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, husbands and wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, old friends and pets. They have all joined in by putting their faces on our paper, making personal connections cool again, and turning their present into more than the gift itself.


Just over 10 years ago, a boy named Aryel found himself scrambling at the last-minute to buy something thoughtful for his girlfriend’s birthday. As he desperately grabbed a box of chocolates, he knew that nothing short of sorcery would rescue his sad present. Channeling his legendary crisis response skills and creativity, Aryel found a goofy photo of himself, performed some digital wizardry and turned his creation into a wrapping paper of his face.


When Vanessa received Aryel’s gift, her reaction couldn’t have been better. She thought it was hilarious, wondered why his face was all over her gift, and found it to be the best gift she had ever received. Clearly, it worked because 3 years later, Vanessa and Aryel got married. Gift wrapping their face became a family tradition that they grew into a business.


In December 2014 GiftWrapMyFace went live with a soft launch. At first, Aryel and Vanessa thought they would only get a few orders but quickly learned the power of this product when hundreds of orders poured in during the first 48 hours. Friends and Family jumped in to help. That year, GiftWrapMyFace paper was featured by ABC news, Elvis Duran and Bloomberg TV among others.


Some months later, GiftWrapMyFace created a new round of interest that when Oprah chose Gift Wrap My Face as the featured product on her exclusive “O List” after receiving her own GWMF surprise from BFF Gayle.


In 2021, Gift Wrap My Face was acquired by the team that also owns the big head cutout company - With the vast experience of the Build a Head team, GiftWrapMyFace is continuing to redefine gift-giving at a time when personal connection is desperately needed. We delight in creating moments of joy and in making good on that old adage “it’s the thought that counts”.


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